Special Project - World Adventure Storybook

Cat Deuter was honored to be chosen one of 63 artists to illustrate an educational storybook for children. She was picked to paint an American Indian child to be among the children of the world.


By The Author

In this adventurous, educational storybook, your child rides a magic carpet around the world to visit countries and places that spell out your child’s first and last name in rhyme. If the child’s name is Jack, for instance, he might visit Japan, Australia, Cambodia, and so on. Your child is welcomed by children from around the world who give your child a special gift representing their country, such as a Temari ball from Japan or a boomerang from Australia.


This keepsake book includes pages featuring an illustrated passport with stamps from the countries that your child has visited and a personalized world map showing your child where these countries are located. My Very Own® World Adventure will open young children’s eyes to the diversity of children from around the world while also showing that all children are in many ways the same.

Our book designers spent over 5 years selecting 63 artists from around the world to paint a child from each of their countries. 

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Friend and Supporter of Wild Horses


The Black Hills Horse Sanctuary, Cat Deuter Cat Deuter is a active supporter and member of the Black Hills Horse Sanctuary located in South Dakota. Her beautiful paintings of horses reflect her deep love of horses and her efforts to help save the habitat and range of wild horses

The Black Hills Horse Sanctuary is open to all visitors with a number of tours and photo opportunities available. The Sanctuary and its staff and volunteers are devoted to the spirit of the wild mustangs by giving America’s unwanted wild horses a quality life. The Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary is a showcase where the public can see large herds of wild horses running free and come to understand our efforts toward land conservation and the preservation of our western heritage-America’s Wild Mustang!

 Cat Deuter is a member and supporter of the Colorado based Friends Of The Mustangs. They are located in the Bookcliffs area near Grand Junction.